Fantastic Black DressFantastic Black Dress

Straight after Black Friday I'm sharing with you Fantastic Black Dress from Ever Pretty which is an absolute must have for the most magic time of the year! Christmas holidays are coming and I'm definitely prepared for it with the most chic and sexy dresses! There are not so many times per year when we can wear something so beautiful and luxury like the dress I'm sharing with you today. So yes, Xmas celebrations and parties give us exactly this possibility: to glow! Make a breathtaking entrance with this sophisticated bodycon dress. A sparkling embroidered sequin pattern on the bottom of the dress reflects the light so pretty. An illusion mesh panel and spaghetti straps highlight the collarbone, cinching the waist. You can wear this black dress to an evening indoor or outdoor for Xmas! I think it's fantastic!

It's been a long time since I shared with you evening dresses from one of my most favorite brands Ever Pretty. Winter season is the perfect time to wear gorgeous maxi dresses to attend different events, forthcoming celebrations and parties. Today's dress is an absolute love at first sight! I promise you will feel like a queen while wearing the Sequin Floor-length White Dress. There are sparkling decorative sequin stripes on the fitted top. The bodycon fit adds a sophisticated style, flattering your curves in pure elegance. I wish I could wear this kind of dresses everyday of my life! So beautiful!

Everpretty White Queen DressEverpretty White Queen Dress
Open Back LoveOpen Back Love

It's fall season: time of sweaters and chic knits! Today's outfit is one of my favorite from the past month. Have a look at this gorgeous Open Back Sweater I'm wearing! Such a soft material, goood quality, rich blue color and such a gentle open back detail. Couldn't be any better, right? You can easy style it in a casual way with some shorts or any kind of jeans, while pairing it with black leather will definitely make it look sexier and even more chic. The Sweater is availabe in many different colors, so you can always pick a more classic option more like white, black or brown.

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Corfu is falling into fall so fast this year. All last week long the weather was so bad: unstoppable rain and wind all day and night. Besides, local shops started to promote Christmas products so I feel like winter is here while summer is totally gone. Anyway, who said that fall is not beautiful? Let's appreciate this "Sweater weather" moments with hot cappuccino and delicious sweets. There is always something to be happy about even if it is raining outside.

Falling Into FallFalling Into Fall

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September WindSeptember Wind

Goodbye September! What a joy it is still to enjoy summer in Greece. Corfu is awesome during the fall season. The weather is still fantastic so we can go to the beach, swim in the sea and wear the prettiest bikinis. Today's one is an absolute yellow bomb from Olympic Stores. You can get it on super sale just for 10 euros in any color you can only imagine. First I wanted to take the red one, but now I'm happy that I've decided to take the yellow one. Take care it looks really sexy ;) Besides, the material is soft and nice.

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Hi guys! Sebastian is almost 2 and I can't understand how we could live without him before. He is the absolute love, happiness and the brightest light of my life. He is the cutest toddler boy and I still can't believe that I am his mom! Trust me it wasn't that easy to shoot some pics with him together, so I'm really happy that we did some great photos. We went to Marina for a walk where Sebastian could explore yachts and cars which he is absolutely crazy about. I don't even know how many car toys we have in our house - you can find them almost everywhere. Besides, we have never left a house without a tractor, bulldozer or some truck. We take them everywhere!

Toddler Mom LifeToddler Mom Life
September WindSeptember Wind

I remember this day. It was first September. It was so windy like a reminder that summer left us at least in the calendar. There still was a lot of sun but it felt absolutely different... For me Fall is always about the new start, new beginnings, goals and acheivements. However for some reason I'm sad about summer ending. Nothing is inevitable but it would be so awesome to live this summer life forever. There couldn't be any better dress for that unique day. It was so light, gentle and flattering. I am sure it looks absolutely beautiful since I've got so many compliments that day and felt really special. You can check more dresses in this feminine style on Aleumdr. There are so many styles and colors available.

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Purple is definitely one of my most favorite colors. For me it associated with royalty, luxury and ambition. It's sexy, chic and fresh, especially when you style it with white clothes. Today's Puple Sweater is everything about comfort, softness and delicacy. It has an excellent quality and a beautiful purple shade. September nights are a bit fresh in Corfu, so this kind of sweaters is perfect for drinking a glass of wine next to the sea, watching the sunset and keep yourself warm.

Purple SweaterPurple Sweater

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Tie Dye Pink BlouseTie Dye Pink Blouse

Do you guys like a tie-dye trend? Whether you think tie-dye is totally rad or totally not your style, the psychedelic print from the '60s is back in a major way. It was a hot quarantine fashion trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The truth is that I never was a fan of tie-dye motif, but I find really pretty when it's White and Blue, White and Pink, White and Purple or something in this kind of color combinations. This summer I started to see it on bikinis and tank tops first, and only now I finally decided to try it on. The Aleumdr Blouse I'm wearing is available in many other colors too, but as I said the pink one looks really chic and I like how you can style it with Black & White outfits. Besides, I even combined it with Snake Western Booties! I think it went really stylish!

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There is such a typical fall weather nowadays in Corfu. Usually September is an absolute summer in Greece but this year I feel like it's the end of October already. The air is so fresh, temperature is pretty low in the night and the sea is really cold to swim already. Why! Anyway the dress I'm wearing today is an excellent option for such kind of a weather. It is made from warm soft fabric and keeps you warm in the evenings while going out. I also love the pretty long sleeves which make the dress even more special. You can get the same one on DressLily. Don't forget that you can get extra discount with the code DLBF21.

Elegant White Dresslily DressElegant White Dresslily Dress