Location: Corfu, GREECE. December 9, 2018.

Growing up in Siberia, the place full of Snow and Diamonds, I've loved Good Jewelry since my childhood. My mom always had good taste about brilliants and had a lot of interesting pieces to wear. There is cheaper jewelry in Siberia because it's one of the central places to mine Diamonds. So from my 10 I am used to Jewelry Gifts. I believe that it's a prerequisite for the expression of love from a man to a woman. For example, we are saying in Siberia that the Presented Diamond is a symbol of love and chastity. It means that by giving and receiving a diamond, you undertake to be faithful...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. December 1, 2018.

Happy December Everybody! What is the most festive color of Christmas Season? Of course it's Red! Bright, trendy, sexy and so chic one. I always try to wear more Red Clothes on Xmas because it gives me the feeling of holiday and even some kind of happiness. By the way I read that if you are not into festive mood you need to create it! Not just seat and wait for it... You can decorate your home, listen Xmas playlists and watch movies, light some candles, go to Christmas market and of course try on some Xmas clothes! I guess Something Red will definitely hid in your closet. Anyway if there is nothing red or festive, have a look below. I made up an exclusive guide of Red Items from H&M for any girl on a budget. Shop it online or in stores and sparkle this Xmas like a tree toy!...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. November 26, 2018.

If you are Shoes Addicted same as me, you will definitely enjoy this post about the most wanted footwear from Asos by Shiny Honey. There are 8 pairs of shoes from comfy sneakers to sexy high heels. All of them can be a great Xmas Gift for your girlfriend, sister, mom or even yourself! Who said that you can't get a present for yourself especially if you were...


Location: Pantokrator Mountain, CORFU, GREECE. November 25, 2018.

2 weeks ago I had an amazing adventure by visiting the highest mountain of Corfu - Magnificent Pantokrator. I've heard, read and told about it so many times but have never been there! Finally after so many mentions of Pantokrator on my tours I've decided to go On Cloud Nine - the place where is only God above! At 906 metres, it's located in north-eastern Corfu and offers splendid views of Albania, mainland Greece and even Italy on particularly clear days...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. November 16, 2018.

Did you notice that Christmas is slowly coming? Actually I couldn't imagine that time will fly so fast. Here we'are almost in the end of November and endless Christmas Events are closer and closer everyday. Speaking about me, I prefer to be in all my beauty in the most crucial moment. That's why today I'm sharing with you the most trendy and chic clothes for a party season from my favorite online store Asos. They have free worldwide shipping for all orders which are over 30 euro...



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