Location: CORFU, GREECE. June 14, 2018.

If you're following Shiny Honey Blog for a lot of time, you definitely know that I have an issue with vision. Nowadays I'm -3,25 and of course it brings some discomfort in my life. Depending from the situation I always wear either glasses or lenses. Even I believe that glasses look good on me and suit to my face, it's much more comfortable to spend a day in lenses. First of all, you don't feel them. Second, you don't need to clean them every 2 hours or even more often. And finally, you don't touch them up or anything like this. You just wear them early in the morning and take them off in the night. Easy and so practical! Hard to express how thankful I am to all scientists and ophthalmologists for creation of something so useful and important like lenses...


Location: CORFU, GREECE. June 10, 2018.

How good it feels to speak about summer, sun and sea. I've been to the beach for about 5 times already and it's always a lot of joy and relax for me. Warm gold sand, gentle fresh wind, the sound of waves softly caress its ever happy sands and delicious taste of fresh orange juice and coffee. At these moments I always remember a song which is associated with summer the most of all others - She said Her Name was Cinderella by Bob Sinclar. Summer in Corfu is definitely...


Location: CORFU, GREECE. June 3, 2018.

What a month it was for me - Crazy and Endless May! If you guys could only imagine what things I did in just 30 days. However missing so much all of you, my Instagram and my favorite Shiny Honey Blog, I'm finally here to share with you all what I've been through for the last period. At the start of May my mom has visited us for 16 days. She came from cold and rainy Russia to sunny and beautiful Corfu, so I really wanted to show her as much as I only could. We have visited so many places which I'm really excited about. First of all we explored all sightseings of Northern Corfu which are Acharavi, Roda, Sidari, Kassiopi, Peroulades, Canal D'Amour and few local beaches. Then we explored...


Location: FUEGO BEACH BAR, CORFU, GREECE. May 20, 2018.

Hello my Dear Readers! How busy I was for the last two weeks - if you could only imagine! However with the first free breath I'm again on Shiny Honey to share with you my latest experiences and news. For about 2 weeks we had strange weather in Corfu and as told my husband if some month would be a woman - it would be May. Hard to disagree because we had exactly the same situation at the previous year. Even if it's sunny, in a few minutes it can be cold or windy or whatever... Always a surprise! By the way, not even one forecast has been enough right for I could understand what to expect from tomorrow...




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