Location: Sokraki, CORFU, GREECE. January 14, 2019.

This Sunday we went to Sokraki, traditional old greek village built at 480 metres above the sea with a magnificent view. It has very prety architecture with nice alleyways, oil mills, beautiful squares, traditional coffee shops and impressive churches dating back to the 16th century. We also had a chance to see the whole city of Corfu and 2 little islands - Vido and Lazaretto. The weather was just great and sun was so bright and warm that it couldn't be easier to see many little details even from far distance. By the way there is a huge telescope which you can use just for 1 euro...


Location: Corfu, Greece. December 21, 2018.

Dear Friends and Readers of Shiny Honey, 2018 is almost gone and it's time to look back and make a short review about what happened on my blog and my life. 2018 was the hardest year of my life till now, but still I'm thankful for a lot of things. First of all for the strength inside me which brought me through the total disappointment I experienced this year. I'm thankful to God always watching me and leading me invisible to my life purpose. I'm thankful to my friends who helped me with a lot of difficulties and supported in hard moments...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. December 18, 2018.

It's about one week before Christmas and I decided to show you what I've bought for myself to step into 2019. Actually there are many products we can speak about but I shared here only 8 of them - the most useful and valuable on my opinion. First of all I've got some clothes which are Classic Pajama in Elegant Black Color, Longline Underwire Bra & Thong in chic and pretty style and absolutely gorgeous Mini Prom Dress from Asos. There is also the Envelope Clutch Bag in charming pink suede shade which is perfect for a Night Out with my friends...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. December 9, 2018.

Growing up in Siberia, the place full of Snow and Diamonds, I've loved Good Jewelry since my childhood. My mom always had good taste about brilliants and had a lot of interesting pieces to wear. There is cheaper jewelry in Siberia because it's one of the central places to mine Diamonds. So from my 10 I am used to Jewelry Gifts. I believe that it's a prerequisite for the expression of love from a man to a woman. For example, we are saying in Siberia that the Presented Diamond is a symbol of love and chastity. It means that by giving and receiving a diamond, you undertake to be faithful...


Location: Corfu, GREECE. December 1, 2018.

Happy December Everybody! What is the most festive color of Christmas Season? Of course it's Red! Bright, trendy, sexy and so chic one. I always try to wear more Red Clothes on Xmas because it gives me the feeling of holiday and even some kind of happiness. By the way I read that if you are not into festive mood you need to create it! Not just seat and wait for it... You can decorate your home, listen Xmas playlists and watch movies, light some candles, go to Christmas market and of course try on some Xmas clothes! I guess Something Red will definitely hid in your closet. Anyway if there is nothing red or festive, have a look below. I made up an exclusive guide of Red Items from H&M for any girl on a budget. Shop it online or in stores and sparkle this Xmas like a tree toy!...



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