It's end of May on the calendar and there is already summer in Greece! Most of the days we have pretty nice sunny weather and I already moved my wardrobe into summer vibe. As you know from many previous posts on Shiny Honey I like to wear Jumpsuits a lot. This season I've got a new one but more classy and chic. The Jumpsuit is from Zara and is a great option not only for office works, but also to go out for some coffee or nice evening walk. It has black belt to show up the waist and stylish buttons on the front side. I love the fabric since it has great quality and creates such a great silhouette...

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Half Year With SebastianHalf Year With Sebastian

Hard to believe that it has been already half year since we are family of three. Sebastian brought us a lot of happiness and our life changed really much. In the start it was really hard, but after we get used to it and everything became just fine. The truth is that the baby takes you a lot of energy, but also give you the happiest emotions you could ever experience. It's also absolute true when people say that the smile of your baby makes everything so negligible and insignificant. Sebastian is the sweetest boy I've ever seen and I'm so proud to be his mom...

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For the last few months I choose neutrals over colors and prints more and more. I like white, beige, grey and brown tones as never before. During my trip at Thessaloniki I even got a capsule wardrobe in neutral shades and classic minimal style which does not go out from fashion. Lately I try to invest in something qualitative, elegant and effortless. After giving a birth I have changed my style into more calm and genteel. I guess my soul needs a bit of rest from all fashion trends, social media and endless ratings, comments and likes. I think it affects my attitude to clothes. Well I'm still interested in fashion but not so much in trends as in style and personality...

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Sparkling in Shein

It was over one month since my last post on Shiny Honey but here I'm again back to the base with my new outfits which I will share with you. I've missed my blog so much since I borned Sebastian. It was a tough time with a new person in our family but nowadays we are doing much better with our routine so I'm very excited to continue my blog as usual...

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As we started to count the first days of New Year, I would like to share First Photoshoot of Sebastian on Shiny Honey Blog. He is already 2 months old and it makes me so happy to be his Mom. To make pictures as a Family of Three was something absolutely new for me and Harry. We tried to keep it as much easy as possible. We were very lucky with the weather because it was the first warm and sunny day after few weeks of rain on the island. It was a gift from God since I really wanted our pictures to be perfect. Everything went pretty nice even with Baby Boy crying sometimes. Well babies are crying and it's absolutely normal. But if you have some tips on calm the baby outside when crying please share with me. It would be really useful...

Sebastian's First PhotoshootSebastian's First Photoshoot

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