There are certain fashion statements you grow out of as you get older. Rainbow polka dot motifs could be the difficult one but there is definitely a way to style it as grown-up, do-it-all woman. Today's post is everything about Rainbow Polka Dot Shirt from JustFashionNow. I suggest you to wear a colorful polka dot with something neautral. It can be pair of jeans or in my case high waisted suit shorts. I've also addeed a contrast belt to show off the waist. Since this kind of outfit looks pretty cute I prefer to style it in a casual way with white platform sneakers..

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Little Lime DressLittle Lime Dress

Today's short post is about this Mini Lime Dress from DressLily: simple, cute and super comfortable. I like its bright lime color and pretty ruffled details on the sleeves. Even with the fact that it's September on the calendar, there is still summer in Greece and it's the best time to wear something colorful and to spend the last month of summer with fun and happiness.

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Hi guys! Last Sunday we went to the beach with Sebastian and Harry to see the sunset and spent an amazing evening with our friends after. I love to watch the sunset but doing it with my family is one of my most favorite things in the world for me. It makes me so happy to see how Seastian is getting excited with the waves and fresh wind, stones on the beach, sand and beautiful sunlight. I want him to be the happiest child in the world and I am so grateful that we live next to the sea and always can relax and chill on the beach all together...

Relax And Chill On The BeachRelax And Chill On The Beach
The Prettiest Cinderella Dress

If I would be a Cinderella and should get ready for the ball, I would definitely wear this stunning Navy Blue Dress from Ever Pretty. It's one of the prettiest dresses I had a chance to wear lately: chic, adorable and so beautiful. The dress has an amazing quality and feels very soft to the skin. I'm obsessed with its gorgeous Navy Blue color and velvet details on the up side of the dress. Hard to count how many compliments I've got while wearing it! Actually I couldn't even imagine that the dress will look so good with the sunset on the beach that day. There are so beautiful gentle colors which I can't stop to admire.

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There is still summer in Corfu even it's September on the calendar. We are going to the beach with my family as often as we can and I love these happy moments a lot. As I already told you in one of my previous posts Benefits of Island Life the beach means to us really a lot. This kind of lifestyle brings a lot of fun, tan and beautiful memories. That's why I like to say Life is Better in a Bikini...

Bikini LifeBikini Life

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Porto Timoni

Last Sunday we have visited one of the most beautiful places of Corfu, famous Porto Timoni. Actually Portо Timοni is the namе of а dоuble beach nеar Afiоnаs village, οn the wеst coаst оf Cοrfu island. However there are a lot of cafeterias and restaurants on the up side of the beach in Afionas village which offer totally fantastic view to Agios Gеоrgiοs. It's absolutely scenic and deservеs to be classified аs a sightsеeing. Blue water, green mountains, little private ships and such a romantic atmosphere. I was really impressed by the beauty of this place.

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Hi guys! I'm so happy to tell you that Sebastian is already 10 months old! Can't believe that he will turn one just in two months. He is already so big, smart and beautiful mama's boy. He is almost walking by himself and I'm so so proud of him. I couldn't even imagine that my child will be such a happy and smiling one. He loves to play with Harry and Dominikos, to explore new things, to try new food and finally to swim! From the start he didn't like to swim and play in water, but after 2 months of spending a lot of time at the beach, nowadays he is doing just great and has so much fun at the sea...

Sebastian Is 10 Months OldSebastian Is 10 Months Old

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5 Reasons Why To Look More Feminine In Greece5 Reasons Why To Look More Feminine In Greece

Happy Wednesday my Dear Readers! Today I would like to speak about femininity and what it means for me personally. Well after moving to Greece 6 years ago I've became much more feminine as actually never before in my life, however the top of it I have experienced only after giving a birth to Sebastian. It was the moment when I realized how much strength and power we as women keep inside ourselves. After that I finally felt what it means to be a woman and how hard it can be sometimes. What I try to say that real femininity comes to woman only after she give a birth to a new person. For me it was really a big change. I've started to love and care about myself much more and it direct affected on my femininity. I thought a lot about it and found 5 reasons to look feminine in Greece, so here we go!

Today I would like to talk about the Greek Goddess style in real life. I think every woman wants to achieve the same adorable and sexy look because there is definitely something incredible in a way how ancient ladies looked like. Well it's not so hard if you follow some simple rules. First of all you need to wear white which is associated with beauty and individuality. White and blue are the most favorite colors of greeks since this combo is an ideal pairing. The second important detail is to show off some part of your body like in a greek anciend clothing. It can be your shoulders, neck or back. It will change your look into a more romantic one...

Modern Greek Goddess Style InModern Greek Goddess Style In

It's a huge Sale season which means that it's the best time for smart and beneficial shopping! You don’t have to spend a ton to look great when you’re smart about buying during sales and clearances. You just need to buy the right products on cheaper prices and always think ahead. Let's take example on huge H&M Sale which is going right now and see what is worth to buy and will complete your wardrobe!..

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Red Blazer DressRed Blazer Dress

It's been almost one week since my birthday so today I would like to share my birthday look on the blog. I was wearing my new Blazer Dress in gorgeous red color for an evening supper with my man. It was so beautiful that I'm still excited about it! We went to one of the most special places on the island, charming Kommeno Bay, where we enjoyed our time together by drinking wine and eating seafood dishes. It was absolutely romantic and beautiful like in an american movie...

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