Best Products To Take Care About Your Body During The Pregnancy by Tamara Bellis

Best Pregnancy Products To Take Care About Your Body

  • 17 August 2019
  • Corfu, Greece
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Before becoming pregnant I couldn't even imagine what female body is up to by Mother Nature. Pregnancy is a lot of pressure for the body even with the fact that it's a period full of beauty and happiness. Just imagine that during 9 months, without any pause, every day and every night, you create a new life - a new little human which will come to this big world. Hard to explain how tired gets the body and how much extra care and love is needed to keep it in a great condition.

From the start of the pregnancy each day of my life I'm using a lot of beauty products to keep the skin safe, hydrated and elastic. Since it's summer season and Greece is an absolute summer paradise I use Avene Sun Protection line: Body Spray SPF 50+ at the pool or at the beach, Very High Protection Fluid SPF 50+ for the face (I like that it's tinted and I can wear it to work as a foundation) and After Sun Repair Gel which always bring some freshness to the body. In addition anytime I'm feeling hot I use Thermal Spring Water Spray which is an absolute joy for my face during a hot day.

Probably you are also interested what I'm using to prevent the stretch marks... Well thanks to my doctor he recommended me Simulcium G3 Cream which I apply once or twice a day on my belly, breast and hips. With its restructuring and regenerating action it tones flabby tissues and improves the skin's elasticity. However when I feel that my skin is dry at the end of a hard day, I prefer to use Weleda Strech Mark Massage Oil which leaves the skin looking smooth and flexible. It also has nice herbal scent and makes me to feel more relaxed after work.

Since it's my first pregnancy and I have never gave a birth before, I'm afraid of many different things but especially the rupture. The idea of episiotomy is also not making me excited, so I'm trying to avoid pain and tears to my perineum by perineal massage. This massage is done to stretch and increase flexibility in the perineum in preparation for birth, in hopes of keeping the area intact or at least minimizing perineal trauma during delivery. The oil for this kind of massage should be all natural and not make problem to the vaginal mucous. The one I'm using is Weleda Perineum Massage Oil. I hope that it will help me to get ready for childbirth. However it's not so simple to make good perineum massage as I thought before we got started: you need to concentrate a lot on relaxing your vaginal muscles. The good news is that by practising you can get used to these feelings and it becomes better and better every time.

Well the truth is that during the pregnancy any kind of massage brings a lot of relaxation into my life. For example to prevent leg cramps I visit a massagist once a week. His massage makes me to feel like a bird: I feel so light and nice in my legs after every session. In addition I also like to swim at the swimming pool, to chill at the beach with the milkshake in my hand and to sleep during the day (very important ritual to get your energy back). I've came to the moment when the most simple things are making me really happy... For example to spend a day with no pain somewhere at the body, to sleep with the comfort or to eat healthy home cooked food. Without any doubt I've started to appreciate good health so much because it's one of the most importants things to feel good during the pregnancy. When I wake up in the morning and nothing is paining - I really have good mood and am ready to start the day.

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