Our Baby Essentials List by Tamara Bellis

Our Baby Essentials List

  • 12 December 2019
  • Corfu, Greece
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Hard to believe that our little boy Sebastian is almost 2 months old! It's been awhile since my last post on Shiny Honey and it took me some time to come clear with the postpartum period and new role as a mom. I can't say that it's an easy thing but with the help of the family everything is possible. So I've already figured out which baby products make my everyday life easier and help with Sebastian. The truth is that we have tried pretty much of them and at the end have finally picked our favorites. So the list of baby essentials is finally ready guys! Let it be the useful one.

1. 2. Moni Sofie Stroller and Car Seat

First of all I love our Moni Sofie Stroller and Car Seat in stylish brown color. The Stroller is our everything since Sebastian sleeps there so well. It has different options to be regulated so you can use it till the baby is 3-4 years old. However the best thing about it is the huge wheels which you can remove just in a second. I mostly do it when I clean the stroller and it's so practical! We have also Moni Sofie Car Seat which looks very chic and fits to the stroller system. I mean it's just perfect for us.

3. 4. Clothes and Blankets

During our stay at the hospital we've got so many gifts from our friends: different clothes and a lot of blankets. We use all of them since Sebastian loves to stay warm and cozy. Soft blankets keep him sleepy btw too! Sleepy and calm Sebastian means Happy Mommy.

5. 6. 7. 8. Chicco Bottles and Sterilizer, Pacifiers and Clips

Speaking about Sebastian's feeding, he is on formula from the first day he was born. We use Chicco Bottles and Modular Sterilizer and Sebastian is doing well with them. Our pediatrician recommended us Humana Milk and I really like it since we don't have any defecation problems which are very often between infants on formula. I know that babies who don't have contact with the breast don't lose the energy during the feeding easy, so they need something in their mouth. Here comes Orthodontic Pacifiers which are backed by science to actively support baby’s breathing and oral development. Also to keep baby's favorite paci clean and within reach we use a Clip. I know that there are a lot of parents who don't like neither paci not the clip, but our family finds it very useful.

9. 10. Ikea Bath and Pharmasept Shampoo

Sebastian loves bathing. He is always so calm while staying at water. We've got him Mini Bath which he can probably use for 2 years. We use Velvet Baby Mild Bath from Pharmasept which cleanses smoothly body and hair. It does not hurt the eyes. Enriched with natural extracts, moisturizing agents and vitamins, prevents from irritations or dryness, offering the necessary hydration in the skin. It actually smells so good that we use it by the whole family.

11. Pampers Diapers

Of course as all babies, Sebastian wears diapers... We've tried many brands from his first day, but as it was expected famous Pampers is the best one. We use Premium Care Line for Sebastian and from the moment we've picked our favorite model, I order a Monthly Pack of them Online every month. This way it's much cheaper and to tell you the truth more comfortable for me. First of all diapers are really heavy but getting them Online means the delivery straight to my house (no supermarkets and overpaying anymore). The second thing I like is that having a Monthly Pack of 240 diapers saves me from unexpected lack of them.

12. 13. Ikea Babycare Mat and Sudocrem

To change the diapers we use Ikea Babycare Mat which is also very practical since you can put it anywhere. I even left it without air for the start because it's already soft enough. Speaking about the skin care after the changing, I've found Sudocrem which is super fat and keeps Sebastian's skin soft and clean. It's magic how good it feels on the skin!

Well as you have noticed most of the items are pretty simple to find whenever you are living, so I hope that you can give them a try too if you have a baby or already expecting. I also would love to hear your must have baby products which I can try with Sebastian. Just let me know in case there is something.

Our Baby Essentials List by Tamara BellisOur Baby Essentials List by Tamara Bellis