Staying Home Essentials by Tamara Bellis

Staying Home Essentials

  • 24 November 2020
  • Corfu, Greece
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Second lockdown brought our lives to the new reality where we stay at home much more as we used to. 2020 was hard for all of us and it still continues to bring a lot of problems to the world. That's why the most important thing is to stay positive and to hope for the best. Today's post is all about how to enjoy your Staying Home Time and features all you need to make it cozy, comfy and nice with the most simple things.

1. Pajamas

Well the truth is that nowadays I wear Pajamas all day long! All of us know how comfortable they are, besides the Fleece ones are my absolute favorites. They are warm and extra soft: perfect homewear to stay in a good mood and enjoy your everyday life at home. Yes, I'm an absolute Pajamas lover!

2. Porcelain Mugs

Little details always bring a bit of happiness into our lives. What colud be better than Hot Cappuccino with cinnamon or Herbs Tea with sweet honey. Get your favorite mug and make yourself happy by such a simple move.

3. Candles

Create a warm ambiance in any room with a smattering of decorative scented candles. It's not only cozy and beautiful, but romantic indeed!

4. Slippers

This year I already bought some pretty Slippers to wear at home during winter season, however if you are still searching for your favorite warm and cute faux fur pair, have a look below and make sure to pick your favorite option.

5. Socks

Well socks are everything during winter and nobody can disagree with me here! However there are so many cute models available online. Besides, it's also an amazing gift for your bestie, sister or mom.

And last but not least, spread only good energy and try to focus on something positive. Learn something new, prepare for something big and important, try to come closer to your dreams and of course stay healthy and well!

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