What To Buy on H&M Sale by Tamara Bellis

What To Buy on H&M Sale

  • 16 July 2020
  • Corfu, Greece
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It's a huge Sale season which means that it's the best time for smart and beneficial shopping! You don’t have to spend a ton to look great when you’re smart about buying during sales and clearances. You just need to buy the right products on cheaper prices and always think ahead. Let's take example on huge H&M Sale which is going right now and see what is worth to buy and will complete your wardrobe!

First of all you need to think about color palette you are mostly wearing. As you can see I've found items in blush pink, blue, grey anf beige which will be simple to combine between themselves. Accessories - Small Shoulder Bag and Platform Sandals will look amazing with any product I've included at the wishlist. I don't recommend to buy clothes which will not suit to your usual wardrobe even if it has cheap price. Many times I was buying some crazy stuff because of its price but couldn't wear it anythere! For example few years ago I've got a leopard mini skirt which was made from cheap fabric... Who knows what was in my mind that day. So don't repeat my mistakes ladies - be smart!

The other important thing is to find clothes which is kind of classic and not very catchy. This way you can wear it a lot of times and will not get bored by the same outfits. For example you can wear Double-breasted Jacket with anything from Puff-sleeved Jacket Dress to Mom High Ankle Jeans. As you can see the jacket is simple to style and to create with it a lot of interesting looks from casual ones to more chic and elegant.

I recommend you to buy Basics on Sale because it's practical and profitablе. For example I liked a lot Dress Pants in softly draped woven fabric with high waist in pink and Satin Top which is possible to wear for years because of its classic and elegant design. So boring will you say. Of course No! If you like something unusual, sexy, chic or strange which you would like to buy - always make a plan with what you will wear it and where will you go. For example I have found Gathered Mesh Bodysuit in light turquoise which I can wear with Mom Jeans to go out for a cocktail or wear it with some chic Midi Skirt to visit an event which involve specific dress code. But if I wouldn't find with what I will wear this beautiful bodysuit I wouldn't buy it because it's not right to buy something just to have it and nothing else. Be careful with that and always make an outfit in your head.

And last but not least don't forget to use code 0407 for free delivery on orders over 30€. Happy Shopping!

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